2021 Nimmo Community Garden Plot Guidelines

After an orientation meeting in early spring, we’ll have a Garden Kickoff later where you can learn more about gardening, meet fellow gardeners and the Garden Advisory board.


COVID Guidelines – read this separate page for COVID rules at Nimmo Garden.

1) No herbicides or pesticides allowed. Nimmo Garden follows organic practices to be good stewards of God’s earth. Let us know what fertilizers if any you would like to use. Also, do not use rebar (causes problems for the tiller), and no fabric weed barrier, unless approved by the advisory board.

2) Love your neighbors – do not touch or modify another person’s plot without their express permission.

3) Plot preparation and amending: compost is included in your plot fee. The Community plots may be tilled in early spring, before planting begins.

4) Plot must be mulched to prevent weeds. Wheat straw is included in your plot fee. We ask you to commit to tending it at least once per week (5 hours minimum).

5) Weeds and debris should be bagged and taken home for curbside pick up. Opportunity to compost is available by permission only.  Please participate in weeding work groups throughout the season to keep common areas and pathways clear.

6) Water is available from several water spigots and hoses throughout the Community garden plots. Please turn off water when finished and roll up hose at faucet. Water carefully so you don’t water your neighbor’s plot or waste water.

7) Please supervise children in the garden because it is part of the church cemetery and General Booth is a busy street.

8) For your safety, only garden during daylight hours. Consider gardening in pairs or keeping a cell phone on you. Report any theft, vandalism, or unusual activities to the garden leaders and police.

9) Complete clean up by 10/15 so we can plant a cover drop OR you will need to cover your plot to prevent weeds.

Please remove ALL plants & non‐plant materials (string, wire, wood, metal, and garden decorations) so we can till. Dispose of properly in trash so the gardens are left neat and tidy.  If you would like to grow a winter garden, please discuss with us.

10) Smoking and chewing tobacco are not allowed because they can transmit a lethal virus to tomatoes and have toxins.

11) The Giving Garden will help manage your produce when you cannot harvest, have too much, or you just want to share. Contact us through NimmoGarden@gmail.com, the website, Facebook or an advisory member at the garden.

The Community Garden Plots are part of the Nimmo United Methodist Church Garden Ministry. Take part by donating produce to the Nimmo Garden Food Pantry twice a month. You can also donate flowers to the Blessing Ministry, where bouquets are delivered to people each month.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful garden bring forth nutritious vegetables for you and your family!