Garden Resources

The Giving Garden generously shares many of their resources with community plot holders.  Please respect these resources, always returning them in clean condition. If something breaks, please communicate immediately to an Advisory Group Member or

Shed Access

The sheds are locked and accessible by the Advisory Group. Due to COVID gardening guidelines, we are restricting access to tools. If you need to borrow any items, talk with an Advisory Group member and they will loan them to you.


The following is included in your plot fee. When you see it available, you are free to use it.

  • Compost  – 3 level garden carts of compost is allocated per 10×10 plot will cover 1″ layer.  This will be dumped on the cul de sac.

  • Wheat straw – bales will be loaded in the grass on the outer perimeter between the gardens and cemetery.  About 1 bale per 10×10 plot.  (After planting, put newspaper or cardboard where there are no plants. Straw goes on top.  NO WEEDING will be needed if you do this. If you choose not to do this, you need to mulch in some other way for weed prevention.)

  • Hoses/irrigation. There are spigots throughout the garden. Be respectful of these resources. Always wind the hose  back up when done. Be careful not to damage neighbor plot plants with the hose. ALWAYS shut off the spigot when you are done or the hoses may burst.

Items Community Plot Renters Can Use

  • Tomato cages behind the small shed
  • Timbers behind the small shed
  • Wood chips in large pile on the lawn
  • Newspaper inside large shed (for weed prevention)
  • Tools in wood tool box in front of the Giving Garden.

Items Community Plot Renters Can NOT Use

  • Large round tomato cages made from cattle mesh and trellises behind big shed
  • Stakes to the left of the big shed
  • Do not put any plant refuse in the compost piles to the right of the sheds
  • Do not put any refuse in the black trash can, please take it home with you.

Items Community Plot Renters Can Use AFTER Getting Permission

  • Tillers (in shed)
  • Trash can (due to limitations). Please bag and take your trash home. Do not add to any compost piles without asking permission.

Pictures will be posted soon for further clarification.