community plots ompost pile

Community Plots Compost Pile

The community plots compost pile is the front pile located to the right  of the sheds.

Organic matter from your plots can be added.

We would also like compost donations in small pieces (2″ size) to be added so things don’t all break down at the same time.  i.e. cut up banana peels, broken up avocado shells, broken bread, coffee grounds, lettuce, potato skins, crushed egg shells ….

Please do not add  the following:

From Home

  • No animal products
  • No citrus (worms dislike)

From the garden

  • Bermuda/wire  grass
  • No tomato plants, leaves, fruit
  • ANY plant that is diseased

Put these items in a trash bag (ie Grocery bag), tie them and throw in the black trash can or take them home and dispose of them.