identify poison ivy

Identifying Poison Ivy

We all know weeds are simply a part of gardening.  Some worse than others. :  (

While we don’t  often see it in garden plots, Poison Ivy is definitely around the sheds and you should know how to identify it.

Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper are often mistaken for each other.  The big identifier is the number of leaves. Virginia Creeper has 5 leaves.  Poison Ivy has 3 (Same for Poison Oak).

This picture was taken on the ground to the left of the big shed. You can see both of them right next to each other.

Virginia Creeper is invasive, but will not hurt you.  Poison Ivy is  MISERABLE if you react to it.

We are working on cleaning out the area around the shed (Anyone that wants to help and not allergic, we would appreciate it!) It is a never ending battle though. Always be on the lookout for it.

Keep in mind if you “catch it”, scratching it doesn’t make the rash spread. It’s contact with the oil from the plant. So if you walked in it – your shoes may have the oil on them. You then get re-exposed to the poison each time you put your shoes on. You may think the rash is spreading, but really you are coming in contact with the oil again.
If you had garden gloves on, same thing. Wash clothes, shoes, garden tools after potentially being exposed. Don’t even touch any doorknobs if you think you could have touched it.

poison ivy


tecnu Poison Ivy scrub

tecnu poison ivy scrub is a good preventative if you think you have come in contact with it.  It deactivates the oils before you react to it. You can find it in any pharmacy.