Straw Mulch Is Delivered

Straw was delivered to the garden May 3.  The cost for this was included in your plot rental fee.

Mulching with a layer of newspaper or cardboard and then covered with straw keeps weeds and disease under control.  It is required that every plot holder mulch their plot. You do not have to use this method if you do not want, but some type of mulch needs to be used. (grass clippings, pine straw are some other options)

The big shed has a bin on the left that has newspaper. We are running low though. If you have newspaper at home to use on your plot and/or donate, please do.

Pictures below show where the bales are located, and how much to use. They are covered in a tarp for now in case rain comes before all is used. Please re-cover when you are done.


Mulching is not a situation where “less is more”.  Use newspaper and mulch generously. It will stay put all season. Anywhere you have dirt exposed, weeds and disease will find their way through.

To get an idea of how much straw to use, 1 bale covered a 10×10 plot in these photos.

Please do not throw the orange twine holding the bale into your plot. This will not break down and get tangled in the tillers, causing trouble later.


Plots should be planted soon if not done yet. It will be hot before we know it and harder on seedlings to get established.

Thanks to Amanda for volunteering to pick up and deliver the straw! Thanks to Chantal to organize delivery and Debra to help unload it!!