Harvesting Your Garden Plots

As your garden explodes with growth, bless people in our community. Here are some ways to avoid wasting any of your hard earned vegetables.

Harvest and give to the Giving Garden

You can drop off to people working in the Giving Garden on Mondays, Wednesdays (7:15-7:45 AM), and Fridays (8:30-10:00 AM). People harvest in the Giving Garden Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and deliver to food pantries and senior citizens.  


Let the Giving Garden Volunteers Harvest Your Plot

If you would like the Giving Garden volunteers to harvest your plot, email Melody Jeffrey, Garden Coordinator  nimmogarden@gmail.com with your plot numbers and what you would like harvested and how long (ex. if you will be away).


Donate  Directly

You can donate directly to nearby Sullivan House senior apartments. at 2033 General Booth Blvd.  (This is next to Chartway Federal Credit Union).  To enter the building, dial “000” on lobby telephone.  Tell Sandy you’re with Nimmo Community Garden and she will buzz you in and show you where to put the produce.


Questions?  Feel free to email the Garden Coordinator at nimmogarden@gmail.com or call/text (757) 289-2596.