Isaias is heading our way…

With Tropical Storm Isaias headed our way Monday night, we need your help to prepare. Please remove all loose items from your plot. These can turn into projectiles in high winds and we want to protect the greenhouse from damage. Thanks for helping keep our garden beautiful & safe

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Checklist

As we prepare for the storm, please secure anything that is not tied down so it doesn’t become a projectile that will damage the greenhouse or the church. Please read and follow guidelines below:

Check all plants supported by trellis or cage to make sure it’s deep in the ground and stable.
Pick all ripe fruit because the onslaught of water and rain will ruin it.
Put away all loose items including but not limited to:

Community Garden Plots
All loose items must be taken home with plans to restore after the storm
Rest area table (flip over, legs up)
Chairs (stack &put behind shed)

Giving Garden
Watering cans (put in small shed)
Harvest buckets & bins (put in small shed)
Wheelbarrow & Wagons (put in large shed)
Chairs (stack & put behind shed)
Tables (flip over, legs up)
Greenhouse – secure flaps; secure doors (Jo-Anne & Andy)
Bamboo shade – take down (Beau)
Bird baths – take off pedestal and flip over
Fairy Garden – put away all small items
Bowl of Shells
Wood and Frames resting on sheds – lay down if needed
Handwash sink set up near grapevines (put in big shed)

Did we miss anything? As you prepare, please look carefully to make sure anything not tied down is secured. I’d love your feedback so we can update this list for next time