Emergency Process

Medical Emergencies

In case of medical emergency, call 911 immediately and report your location as 2040 Nimmo Church Lane, and that you are  at the Community Garden at the back of the property behind Nimmo United Methodist Church closest to General Booth Blvd.

  1. If needed, first call 911.
  2. There is an emergency contact list for all community plot renters in the mailbox at the entry of the Giving Garden. If necessary, contact their “person” to let them know.
  3. Call Rebecca Lear,  Garden Coordinator (757) 289-2596 to report situation.

Problems With the Irrigation System?

No Water?

Reset the GFI at the pump.  Press the “reset” button on the right side below the open plug. 

This will reset the electricity. Sometimes after the rain the GFI switch turns off.

Gushing Water?

Turn off water at pump house box.  By turning “light switch” from “on” to “off”, you turn off the pump that drives the well.  This will shut off all water flow to all of the community plots.

With any garden emergency like this, please report it ASAP by calling or texting Rebecca Lear,  Garden Coordinator (757) 289-2596 or Adrienne, Advisory Group member (757) 353-1499.

Call 911 and then report it to Rebecca Lear,  Garden Coordinator (757) 289-2596.