Notes to get Started at Nimmo Community Garden Plots

Ask questions, take actions, learn.

  • Compost. If you don’t feed these plants, they will not grow. The more compost the better. We cannot stress enough how vital this step is in gardening. Buy manure or compost in bags or by the yard, but each plant should have at least a gallon of compost all to itself. Nimmo Garden Committee does not have the funds or labor to prepare all these plots to that level. This helps your crops the entire season.

  • Dig. With a shovel, carefully dig the soil away from the paths and plot edges to capture forgotten weeds. The tiller only works about a foot into the plot, the rest still has weeds. Rake out the soil you turned over (doesn’t have to be deep, just enough to really get those weeds). Most plots have been tilled a few times, but assume they still have weeds. Time now saves you annoyance later.

  • Plan your plot. Put in paths so you have somewhere to stand. (roots will still grow under, don’t worry). Be realistic in what you can fit. Crops get big! Tomato plants can grow to the size of a city trashcan. Cucumbers sprawl. Support equipment is best put in at the same time to get ahead of chores. Some extra items might be found behind the sheds to the right. Add corner posts if you can, before things are planted.

  • Plant. You don’t have to buy plants! Buying ready pots is easier, but seeds work fine. You might have a difficult time telling your crops apart from weeds, but we can help you identify. If you have limited funds, spend on compost, plant seeds.

  • Water. Some of the plots already have stakes in the corners to prevent hoses being dragged across them. Please be respectful of others’ gardens when dragging hoses! Coil hose and turn off water when you are finished.

  • Mulch! Bags of lawn clippings, pine straw, hay, whatever you choose, put it on thick.

  • Sweep away dirt from the paths. We paid a lot of money for these paths. Please help care for them by not leaving dirt and weeds to take hold in the cracks.

  • Each Gardener is responsible for the outside edge, the paths, and water equipment. If we don’t keep the paths weeded and edged, the weeds will take over again. Please, manage your area, not just your plot. Be respectful of other gardeners! We work towards Christ by working with each other.

Mushroom Compost by the bag at Home Depot, Lowes, or any garden center will be more expensive than combining needs and purchasing together by yard. Jack Frost @ 3168 Holland Rd 368-4477 $208 for 3 yards delivered on site (yard=27 cubic ft)