community garden composting-

Organic Garden Waste

As the community garden has grown to 48+ plots, we have run into the problem of what to do with organic waste produced from the

Straw is Available for Mulch

Straw bales were delivered on April 22. They are stacked and covered in plastic tarp in 2 piles on the left side of the garden.

finished garden paths

Garden Paths

The garden paths are complete!  Almond Exteriors has been working with us over the past few years to add garden paths through/around the community garden.

Mushroom compost has arrived. You can’t miss it – it’s in the cul de sac. Spread 1″ layer over a 10×10 plot. Use the garden

Winter Cover Crop

The first weekend of garden prep in early Spring consists of turning over the winter cover crop.   We use a cover crop as an organic

Seed Exchange March 13

Saturday March 13 at the Community Garden Work Day Thanks to everyone that participated in the seed exchange.  We will do something similar with a

What a fantastic, productive week!  Welcome to our newest volunteers, Claudia and Val – we are glad to have you! Friday’s crew made the front

Fall Gardening

We haven’t had too many people gardening in the Fall in past seasons. This year we have several plots that have been replanted for Fall


Simple Lemonade with Lavender

¾ c. to 1 c. white sugar (organic if possible.)*To add a lavender essence, I muddled (crushed) culinary lavender with amortal/pestle until pulverized and added

Chickpea Bulgur Wheat

30 min healthy bulgur wheat recipe loaded with proteins and fibers. Prepared using all healthy ingredients. 10 mins 20 mins 30 mins Dinner, Lunch 4

community garden Virginia Beach

We’re so glad you could grow with us this year! Thank you for keeping your commitment to growing and tending your plot. As the season

Caponata Pizza

2 heaped cups caponata – approximate (separate recipe) 1 small summer/yellow squash, thinly sliced ¼ pack of halloumi cheese, thinly sliced OR mozzarella Fresh oregano, chopped


This healthy, homemade hummus is super easy and tastes better than anything store-bought. PREP TIME: 3 mins TOTAL TIME: 3 mins COURSE: Appetizer, Snack CUISINE: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern SERVINGS: 8 servings CALORIES: 332kcal AUTHOR: Lisa

Quick Caponata

This will make a little more than you need. Use extras as a bruschetta topping, in a baked potato, or even with an omelette. Mix

Easy Healthy Peach Crisp

Serves: 6 Taken from: This simple vegan and gluten-free peach crisp only requires 8 ingredients and comes together in minutes! Whip it up for

field to fork diner featuring vegetables

“Eat your Vegetables” You’ve heard this many times! Come find out and enjoy a delicious meal with ingredients picked fresh from our Community Garden!! MENU:Chickpea

Come and enjoy a unique Mediterranean inspired meal with ingredients picked fresh from our Community Garden!!  MENU: Fresh garden veggies w/Hummus, Eggplant Caponata Pizza, Cucumber salad, fruity dessert


If you are new to the community garden this year, you may see this intimidating wasp. They have been coming to the garden for years.

garden blessing

Blessing of the Garden 2019

Sunday July 21 at 4:30pm You’re invited to join the community and Nimmo church for a blessing of the garden. It’s a great time to

Cucumbers (Yeah!) Powdery Mildew (Boo!) In the past week my cucumber’s growth has exploded. With the rain we have had, they are taking over my

Hallelujah!! Steve and Beau spent the morning replacing the leaky hydrant.  When you see them give ‘em a high five!!

tomoato wilt

Tomato Wilt

Updated 6/14/2021 Tomato Wilt disease is popping up in various plots throughout the garden.  With this heat, you may think that a plant is “having

community plots ompost pile

The community plots compost pile is the front pile located to the right  of the sheds. Organic matter from your plots can be added. We

We all know weeds are simply a part of gardening.  Some worse than others. :  ( While we don’t have the following weeds directly in

Colorado Potato Beetles

Colorado Potato Beetles

These beetles are showing up in the garden and are a big problem. They will eat all the leaves on your plants, completely stripping them. 

Time to Mulch

It’s time to mulch and we’ve got plenty of newspaper in the Big Shed. Many thanks to the Virginian Pilot and the Bunny Hutch for

Beware- front hydrant In the community garden plots has a leak. So we are keeping handle up till Conserva can fix the leak. So grateful

Rosemary Giveaway

Need Rosemary? Maryland pruned our rosemary bush today so there’s plenty to share.  Stop by the Giving Garden rest area.   

We are already seeing pests in the garden.  Flea beetles are small and shiny with large rear legs.  Adults are about  1/16″ long and range

hose hangers

New Hose Hangers

There are new hose hangers throughout the garden today.  I think Steve has been busy!   THANK YOU, its much appreciated! Everyone, please make an effort

Composting Tips

Some composting tips. Click on the image to read the full article.  

composting bins at Nimmo Community Gardens

Composting at the Garden

Please pay attention to the wooden signs on the front of the  bins. The middle box is now COOKING. Nothing should be added to this

Spring Mulching

Start keeping an eye out for mulching materials. People are doing yard clean-ups so there are bags of old leaves out. (scan the yard and

Red Velvet Ants Cow Killers

These insects are in the garden in conjunction with the Cicada Killer Wasps. Red Velvet Ants are actually wasps, the females do not have wings.