Seed Exchange March 13

Saturday March 13 at the Community Garden Work Day

Thanks to everyone that participated in the seed exchange.  We will do something similar with a “seedling swap” with leftovers people have after planting. (Probably end of April, early May).



1. Seeds should only be from heirloom varieties if you harvested them. This means if they are seeds you collected from flowers in your garden, they should not be from a named hybrid variety of plant. Why? Hybrids will not produce the same characteristics of the parent plant. (If they are from a purchased seed packet this does not apply.)

2. Package seeds manila coin envelopes that you can seal or mini plastic zip lock bags. (Search on Amazon for coin envelopes or mini zip lock to see) You don’t want seeds to fall out. Label the outside of the envelop clearly or put a slip of paper in the zip lock that clearly identifies the contents. i.e. “Better Boy Tomato”

3. You don’t need to go overboard sharing seeds. 6-12 seeds is enough to go in a packet. This is enough to get a couple viable seedlings to try something new.

4. If your seeds are a couple years old, test that they are going to sprout before sharing them.

5. If you commit to sharing, please make sure you follow through. If you can not make it to the community work day, please coordinate to complete your swap.

6. There is no requirement that you have to give something in order to get a trade. If you don’t have anything though, you could buy a packet or two of something new/different to be able to fully participate.

7. Read through the comments. If someone already said they have a seed to provide for a request, do not say you will provide it too.

To participate, simply include a specific list what you have to trade in the comment section at the bottom of the page. (Don’t just say “lots of flowers” as it then requires unnecessary follow up replies.)  If you are looking for something specific to trade, include this too.

If you see something that someone has to share, click reply to the right to their name so the reply will be connected to their comment to let them know you are interested and what they have to trade.

Individually package seeds and label them for the requests you have received to the work day on Saturday March 13 10am -1pm.


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  1. Admin

    Thai Basil (purple)
    Yellow Squash
    Pickling Cucumber
    Leaf lettuce
    Romaine Lettuce
    Top Crop Bush Green Bean
    Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato (not much)

    Any heirloom tomato

    1. chantal

      Adrienne, if you are interested, I have seeds of the polish variety (big deep red) of tomatoes I planted last year. I have used seeds from the previous years tomatoes and it worked well for me last year.
      I am interested in just a couple of seeds from your Cherokee tomato if you still have any

      1. ngAdmin

        Yes, I would love some. I have some Cherokee seeds still.

        1. chantal

          good, see you tomorrow

  2. Carla

    I would love some Thai Basil and heirloom tomatoes seeds- if possible
    I am going to post my list shortly!! 😊

    1. chantal

      Carla, I can bring you some Thai basil seeds (just bought package last week) – I would love a few eggplant seeds. Chantal

  3. Carla Fitzgerald

    Basil- genovese
    Beans- top crop bush; Kentucky Wonder; Blue Lake 274, all heirloom
    Brussels Sprouts- Long Island improved
    Broccoli- calabrese
    Cauliflower- snowball x
    Chives- regular & garlic
    Cucumber- picking & marketmore 76
    Eggplant- Black beauty
    Lavender- true
    Okra- red burgundy
    Snow peas
    Pea- Alaska
    Squash- butternut & yellow straightneck
    Swiss Card – mixed colors
    Tomatoes- (heirloom) sweetie, bite sized cherry and beefsteak
    Watermelon – sugar baby

    I really want some collard seeds

    Have lots of flower seeds as well if anyone is interested-

  4. apurva

    Hello Please suggest me some places where i can get broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower

    1. ngAdmin

      I have some I will share with you.

  5. Carla

    Apurva- I will be happy to share as well- but I got my seeds from the dollar store- 4 for a dollar and they have all sprouted

  6. chantal

    Also I can share Kale, Okra (green and red varieties) , Cucumber (straight 8) , thyme, and flowers (impatiens, marigold… )

  7. Carla

    Great- Chantal! I am super excited

  8. Lauren Hawkins

    I have a ton of Matt’s Wild Cherry tomato seeds, and probably a bunch of other seeds as well.

  9. apurva

    awesome! Thank u.. please let me know when i can meet you all for collecting the seeds.

    1. ngAdmin

      We will be trading at the community work day on Saturday between 10am – 1pm.

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