community garden composting-

Organic Garden Waste

The community garden has grown to 52+ plots. We have run into the problem of what to do with organic waste produced. This includes weeds, diseased leaves, plants, thick stalks from Okra and Sunflowers and more.

With the volume produced, we could not support hauling it away. The rule last  season was”bag and take with you”.

We are happy to announce we now have a solution. Chip Hall of nope (Natural Organic Process Enterprises) will come regularly and pick up any compostable materials. (YEAH!!!). In order to make this relationship work, we have to follow the following guidelines:

Compost Cans

There are now composting cans located at the front right corner of the Giving Garden.

Any organic matter directly in the can.

To keep the cans from getting too heavy, SHAKE OFF AS MUCH DIRT from weeds

DO NOT BAG MATTER, put it directly in the can.

community garden composting-

IF the cans are full...

community garden composting-

Bag the material in clear bags, but do not tie the bags shut. The compost will be emptied into a truck, the empty bags will be left behind to reuse.

Shake off as much dirt as possible before bagging so the bags are not too heavy.  Try to keep bags under 20 lbs

Place them neatly near the guardrail, so they are hidden from sight from the road.

Long, stalks should be broken so they fit in a compost container.

If the cans are full, neatly pile them near the guardrails
so they are not visible from the road.

community garden composting-
community garden composting-