community garden composting-

Organic Garden Waste

The community garden has grown to 52+ plots. We have run into the problem of what to do with organic waste produced. This includes weeds, diseased leaves, plants, thick stalks from Okra and Sunflowers and more.

With the volume produced, we could not support hauling it away. The rule in the past has been “bag and take with you”.

Natural Organic Process Enterprises comes once a week to pick up any compostable materials that are in the green compost cans.

Bagged compost will NOT be taken.

The composting cans are located at the front right corner of the Giving Garden, next to the black trash can.

Put any organic matter directly in the green cans only.

What is “organic matter”?

Any “green” matter that can break down.

This includes:  weeds, plant trimmings, dead or diseased plants, over ripe produce, stalks (sunflower, okra…)

This does NOT include:
Dirt. As much dirt as possible needs shaken off.  The can will not be emptied if it is too heavy.
Plastic Bags.  If you bag material as you collect it, you need to dump it in the can without the bag.


IF the cans are full...

bagged compost
Even if we do allow bagged compost again, it is never acceptable to leave compost on the ground near the cans, or bags left open and spilling over.  Please do your part to keep the community garden looking its best.

In the past, if the cans were full, bagged compost would be picked up. Effective immediately this is no longer the case.

If the cans are full, there will be large plastic yard debris bags in the toolbox by the cans for you to bag your debris and take it home for disposal.
Do not leave extra compost in bags, they will not be picked up by the new driver.
If the can is full, do not over full it. The lid needs to close. If it is left open and rains, it will fill with water, plus it attracts bugs.