community garden Virginia Beach

As we get near the end of the season….

We’re so glad you could grow with us this year! Thank you for keeping your commitment to growing and tending your plot.

As the season ends and school is about to start, we need your response to 3 things, asap:

1) If you are finished growing for the season, please clear your plot completely by October 1. Clearing means: pull all stakes, cages, plants and anything that might clog a tiller. Please dispose of all compostable material in the organic waste cans at the front of the Giving Garden.

If you cannot complete by October 1, please communicate to us when you will have it completed so we can plan to prepare for winter.

2) If you would like to grow a Fall garden, please request permission so we can discuss date and terms of clean up.

3) If you would like to be involved next year, please let us know how. There are many ways to be involved beyond renting a plot! Volunteering in the Giving Garden entitles you to produce without having to manage a plot the entire summer.

Nimmo United Methodist Church appreciates your hard work and tending of garden plots. It has been beautiful. Have a great day!